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BigData Hadoop Introduction|Importance|Benefits

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020


BigData indicates all the data that is being generated across the globe.It has a lot of Importance and there are huge benefits of learning BigData.


BigData Hadoop Introduction

The term Big Data indicates all the data that is being generated across the globe. This data could be either structured or unstructured.

bigdata hadoop

There is a need to convert the Big Data into Business Intelligence that enterprises can readily deploy. Hadoop is the platform for working with extremely large volumes of data.

Benefits of Big Data

Following are the few benefits which are very much known to all of us:

  • Using the information kept on the social network like Facebook, the marketing agencies are learning about the response to their campaigns, promotions, and other advertising mediums.
  • Using the information in social media like preferences and product perception of their consumers, product companies, and retail organizations are planning their production.
  • Using the information regarding the previous medical history of all the patients, hospitals are providing the better and also the quick service.


Top 5 Hadoop Job Roles for the Aspiring Big Data


Characteristics Of Big Data

There are specific attributes that define big data. In most big data circles, these are called the three V’s: volume, variety, and velocity.

BigData Hadoop Architecture

Big Data Sources

Big data sources are nothing but the repositories of large volumes of data. Logi Info is one of the business intelligence applications, where users can quickly connect to and derive value from these sources. This is going to appeal more information to users applications without requiring that the data be held in a single repository or cloud vendor proprietary data store.

sources of BigData

Examples of big data sources are Amazon Redshift, HP Vertica, and MongoDB.


Difference Between Big Data and Hadoop

There is a difference between Big Data and Hadoop because Big Data is a problem where Hadoop Provided solution to it.

Big Data is a huge collection of data as the name refers to “BIG DATA”. It can’t be processed by traditional methods because most of the data generation is unstructured form. And, the solution to this problem is Hadoop. It is the huge volume of information assets that demand innovative platform for the enhanced insights and for the decision making.

  • Volume is referred to as the Scale of Data
  • Velocity is referred to as the analysis of streaming data
  • Variety is referred to as the Forms of Data

Big Data is a way to solve all the unsolved problems related to data management and handling, an earlier industry was used to live with such problems.

With Big data analytics, you can unlock hidden patterns and know the 360-degree view of customers and better understand their needs.

Hadoop is an open-source tool for ASF. HDFS stores a huge volume of data reliably.

Career Roles in Hadoop

Core Benefits of Learning Hadoop

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