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What is APIGEE? What are the benefits of learning APIGEE

Last updated on Wed 18 Mar 2020


Through this APIGEE Tutorial you will get to know about  APIGEE and its benefits of learning APIGEE. This tutorial is for beginners who want to explore career in APIGEE



APIGEE is today’s important source of API skills and services for developers. API Management refers to the practices and tools that enable an organization to govern and monitor its Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). API Management controls how the gateway passes calls to the back-end service and then hands off the response back to the invoker’s site. Most of the large companies have built out APIs for their customers and for internal use. There is a choice to have the data on-premise or in the cloud, whichever works best for the situation.

API management tools typically allow for security policy definition and enforcement, including authentication and authorization of API consumers. They can stifle API calls and limit usage based on established SLAs and resource allocation agreements.

IT Central Station users are looking for a healthy API gateway that manages transformation engines to modify requests and responses in real-time. Publishing tools, report access and usage policies and manages the life cycle of API. API Management is responsible for collecting data analytics and other metrics, and monitors load balancers and debugging, especially e-mail notifications, error logs, and validation errors. Clients using APIs have access to better insights into their usage because APIs do impact many products and services, and API Management is very much critical to agile operations.

IT Central Station users want the ease of use in API Management for monitoring these security gateways against hostile attacks. Aspects most important to IT include Directory Authentication, API Security, Life Cycle Management, Deployment Management, and Service Registry, discovery and a repository. There should be built-in API Aggregation, Traffic Management, Mobile Optimization, HTTP Acceleration, and Data Caching.

IT teams specifically look for API Management to oversee encryption, decryption, credential management, URL management and prevention against XSS and SQL Injection threats. API Management will monitor exposed functionality and monetization. API Management solutions are integral to a 24/7 need to keep everything running, and should be running well. Good planning and project management both will help IT to choose the best combination of monitoring tools for API Management.


Benefits of APIGEE:


  • Caching is available at resource/API level
  • No soft limits on resources
  • No throttling on the # of deployments
  • Individual endpoints per service
  • Security or Access Control per API resource
  • Consistent Logging for the APIs that have the ability to debug with tracing.
  • Analytics for the APIs



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