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What is Devops | Principle & Benefits of Devops

Last updated on Sat 21 Mar 2020


In this Devops Tutorial you will get to know about how problems solved by devops and you will learn what are the principles and benefits of devops. This article is dedicated to beginners who want to start there career in Devops.


 What is DevOps? 


DevOps is a combination of a software development approach and operations performed throughout its development life cycle with Continuous Development, Testing, Integration, Deployment and Continuous Monitoring of the software. All these activities are possible only in DevOps. It is mainly preferred for developing high-quality software in shorter development cycles as it gives the best results and also greater customer satisfaction 

Problems solved by DevOps:


Following are the few problems Solved by DevOps

  1. Delivers great value to the Customers

  • DevOps takes minimum time to deliver value to the customers. DevOps reduces the cycle time from completion of the task by a developer to production.
  • DevOps also gives more satisfaction to internal users. Organizations are having a strong DevOps team and tools to help and ger more satisfaction for both the end-users and internal users. It aligns IT with the business. 
  • DevOps allow IT Organizations to focus on their core business activities which are considered as one of the greatest value realized through DevOps as it removes constraints within the value stream and also automates deployment pipelines, the team also can focus on the activities that create value to the customers rather than just moving bits and bytes. These activities increase the sustainability of the company and help in the success of business outcomes.

2. Reduces Cycle Time

  • DevOps delivers secure code with insights. It is very much important to have a well-crafted DevOps process because whenever you are delivering a new version, it can run side-by-side with the current version. The insights help you to compare metrics and accomplish whatever you want within the application. 
  • DevOps drives the development department to achieve continuous improvements and faster release cycles. The iterative process in DevOps allows the development team more time to focus on things that give a great experience for users by reducing time on managing tools, processes, and tech.  
  1. Time to market

DevOps reduces the complexity of the process which is considered as the most important issue. The success of the business increases by shortening our time to market, by giving quick feedback on the features and also to be more responsive to our customer needs. 

  1. Problem Resolution

  • Successful DevOps implementation gives higher confidence in delivery, traceability, and visibility. 
  • Another important advantage of DevOps is it doesn’t consume more time to implement. DevOps creates a culture of clearness that promotes focus and collaboration among the teams of development, operations, and security.

Principles & Benefits of DevOps

Following are the principles of DevOps

  1. Collaboration

Collaboration between the two departments is one of the main features of the DevOps Operation. It does require cross-functional training and discipline to achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness from collaboration.

  1. Quantification

It is necessary to have a scale to judge the practice and the effects of DevOps. You can easily judge the impact and improvement of DevOps on your work culture by quantifying the number of deployments, failures and also time taken for each deployment, etc. 

  1. Automation

Generally, the developing team has a high level of automation which we don’t observe with the operations side. If we integrate the same automation even on the operation side, we can easily achieve a level of consistency and efficiency across the board. 

Benefits of DevOps

Companies can deliver maximum speed, functionality, and innovation by incorporating DevOps practices in their environment.  Below are some of the benefits of DevOps

 Business Benefits
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction & Retention
  • Improves Business Efficiency and Business Agility
  • Improve Response Time by reducing Cost over time.
  • Increase Ops alignment to business goals
  • Good Employee Productivity & Satisfaction
Operational Benefits
  • Delivers new features quickly 
  • Better release control & versioning
  • More frequent software releases
  • Better development velocity
  • Reduces Action Time
  • Better collaboration between project teams
  • Reduces IT Costs
  • Better Productivity
  • Automated server configuration reduces the time window for resource management from days to minutes.

DevOps tools and the processes make your software life cycle faster and reliable for your development and operational teams. It helps to accelerate new services through continuous improvement by providing innovative and cost-effective ways. DevOps Course at IQ Training’s helps you to achieve automation of an organization & many more benefits.


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