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02 Nov 2018

Top 20 Performance Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Performance Testing Interview Questions and Answers in 2018 Refer these Performance Testing Interview Questions and Answers to be confident in an interview. 1) What is performance testing? Performance Testing: It is a type of testing to ensure software program applications will carry out well underneath their expected workload. Features and Functionality supported by using a […]

01 Nov 2018

Top 20 Ab Initio Interview Questions and Answers

Ab Initio Interview Questions and Answers:   1. Define Ab Initio? Ab Initio is a word taken from Latin, which means “from the beginning”. It is an ETL tool performing GUI based parallel processing. It is also a business intelligence platform and used for data analysis, batch processing, and data management. 2. What does the […]

17 Oct 2018

Top 20 Data Science Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is data cleansing? Data cleansing or Data cleaning enhances the quality of data by identifying the errors, inconsistencies from the data and removing them. 2. Data cleaning has a major role in data analysis, explain. Cleaning data which is taken from many different sources and arranging it in a format for the easy […]

12 Oct 2018

Top 20 SAP EWM Interview Questions and Answers

1) What are the different deployment alternatives in EWM? SAP EWM can be considered as deployed in ERP server or you can also recollect it as an software in Supply chain Management panorama. SAP EWM is included with ERP to get an access to transaction and master records and use of features like slotting; availability […]

12 Oct 2018

Top Bigdata Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers 2018

1) Define BigData and what are the five V’s of Big Data?   Big Data is a term used to explain a set of information that is large in length and yet growing exponentially with time. In short, such statistics is so massive and complicated that not one of the traditional facts management tools are […]

10 Oct 2018

Top 20 CyberArk Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

1. What is CyberArk? CyberArk is basically an information security company. It is a global leader offering Privileged Access Security to a wide range of industries including but not limited to financial service, healthcare sector, retail industry, and energy. 2. What are the primary functions of CyberArk? CyberArk or CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault forms the […]

12 Sep 2018

Top & latest 20 Interview Question and Answers for SAP Fiori

1. What do you know about SAP Fiori? SAP Fiori is a great user experience (UX) and a collection of SAP software and applications which are used on some business functions like financial apps, work approvals, and other self-service apps. These applications are created by using the SAPUI5 framework which is a collection of libraries. […]

10 Aug 2018

SAP MM Tutorial | Modules of SAP MM

What is SAP MM? SAP MM (Material Management) is one of the most important modules in SAP ERP software program. SAP MM software module supports the procurement and stock capabilities going on in each day organization operations. This MM module incorporates many elements consisting of shopping, goods receiving, cloth storage, consumption-based plans, and stock. It […]

06 Aug 2018

SAP PM Tutorial | SAP PM Key Functions and Benefits

What is SAP PM? SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM) application issue presents a business enterprise with a tool for all maintenance activities to be performed. All the activities that are done beneath renovation are interconnected and for this reason, this module is carefully incorporated with other modules – Production Planning, Material Management, and Sales and […]

01 Aug 2018

Overview of SAP ABAP |Types of ABAP programs

What is SAP ABAP? SAP ABAP – Advanced Business Application Programming First developed in the 1980’s High-Level Programming language It is a fourth-generation application-specific language. It was originally the report language for SAP R/2. It establishes integration between independent software. It is a product of German Software company, SAP SE  Evolution of SAP ABAP Although […]

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