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26 Apr 2018

Top 10 Tips for Data Science Team to Succeed


1. Get Executive Ownership One of the important contributing factors to any project is getting executive buy-in. It is your job as a data science software manager or project manager to get your executives to believe in your mission. Without them, your project will not cross on. 2. Gain the trust of your peers Many […]

16 Apr 2018

SAP HANA Tutorial for Beginners


What is Sap HANA? SAP HANA is that the latest ERP from SAP, it is a combination of H/W & S/w package. HANA is new adoption by the SAP customers. SAP HANA is the latest, in-memory information, and platform which may be deployed on-premises or cloud. SAP HANA is the combination of H/W & S/W […]

10 Apr 2018

Top 5 Data Science Trends in 2018


For a decade, Data Science has now been a sizzling topic, however, most of its thought used to be reward theoretically. The functional software of data Science grew to become handiest feasible after the existence of big data units to work upon, effective machine learning algorithms, and systems to function these algorithms. Data Analytics is […]