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24 Apr 2017

Most Comprehensive Guidewire Online Training Course!

A Guidewire is a Software Publisher established in the year 2001 based in California. Guidewire Software Inc. offers Core Back-End property to the all Insurance companies to minimize their IT Workflow and to simplify the Insurance Transactions. It is mostly beneficial to the Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance carries in U.S and Worldwide. This is […]

21 Apr 2017

Highly Qualified and Experienced Trainers for TeraData Online Training – IQ Online Training

Teradata: Teradata is a RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) which will be based on Symmetric Multiprocessing technology that help to manage the large Data Warehousing Operation. As the primary focus of Teradata is to helping the companies in order to organize and boost their analytical capabilities and as well in order to consolidate the Core […]

19 Apr 2017

Instructor-led live online VmWare Course with 24×7 on demand support| IQ Online Training

VMWARE :-   VMWARE is a company established in the year of 1998. This the first company that provides Virtualization and Cloud Computing providers for x86 based computers. The Headquarters are located in Palo Alto, California. In the year of 2004 it becomes subsidiary of EMC. The first product launched by them in the market […]

11 Apr 2017

Learn Software Testing Online from our Experts and get Real-Time Guidance:

                      Software Testing: Software Testing is a process of Executing the Application or Programmer with the intent of finding the Software Bugs. Software Testing is to provide the information for the Stakeholders about the Quality of the Product or Service under test.  It also provides objective, an independent view of the Software to allow the business to understand and […]

04 Apr 2017

Very Interactive and Career Oriented Sales Force Online Training

What is Salesforce? Definition: The distribution of a business that’s responsible for selling products r services. Evaluating your modern sales force is an important step in the operation of deciding whether and how to grow your sales team. A “sales force” is a group within a company that handling sales. Salesforce.com is a cloud-based CRM […]