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09 Jan 2016

Starting and Configuring Office SharePoint Server Search for a web server

The following procedures step you through the process of configuring Office SharePoint Server 2007 search services, creating a Web application for the SSP, creating the SSP, and configuring indexing settings. Start and configure the Search service On the SharePoint Central Administration home page, click the Operations tab on the top navigation bar. On the Operations page, in Topology […]

07 Jan 2016

Important Facts about Next Generation of Intelligent HCM Software:SAP SuccessFactors

Dealingwith changes to worker data can be consume huge company sources each year and might be pricey. HR processes usually contain disparate deals that corner multiple organizational limitations, fixing errors and resulting in wasted time controlling the complexity. Most human capital management (HCM) solutions can’t manage this end-to-end viewpoint, requiring end users to guess what […]

07 Jan 2016

A Quick Technical Overview of Openstack Technology

OpenStack is a cloud OS that controls huge pools of storage, compute, and networking assets throughout a datacenter. All of the above factors are managed thru a dashboardwhich gives control for administratorswhile strengthening their customersto provide resources via a web interface. More particularly although, it is an accumulation of open-source software that enables us to […]

05 Jan 2016

Top Hadoop Interview Questions For 2016

1.What is Big Data? Big data is a group of huge and complex data from various sources which is very tedious to store, manage, capture, process, retrieve and analyze it with the help of traditional data processing techniques or on hand database management tools. 2.What are the four V’s stand for in Big Data? According […]