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02 Nov 2015

How to Use Hadoop Like a Boss

Once you are doing real-time development, you will want to get in to the practice of using smaller, test data-sets on your computer and operating your code iteratively in Jobrunner Mode (which allows you to debug and test your Map and Reduce code), then Pseudo Distributed Mode (which more closely relates the manufacturing environment), then […]

02 Nov 2015

E-learning: Why it’s Important Today

Spreading out e-learning to developing countries might initially seem absurd.After all those are places that lack the structure located elsewhere, so just how could they support their state of the artwork in understanding? It seems that the state of the art might be more forgiving to the dearth of particular infrastructures, than previous methods.And, even […]

02 Nov 2015

Hadoop: “The Swiss Army Knife” of the 21st Century

In the world of big-data, many industry experts approve that Hadoop is the tool of choice for examination, ingestion and meaning of the huge amounts of data that nearly every organization finds itself whirling in. Enterprise leaders have found that data has genuine and serious effects to the bottom line, so that as an effect, […]