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04 Nov 2015

Significance Of R Language For Becoming Data Scientist

Data scientist is the most honorable profession that everyone wants to do it. Data scientist is all about analyzing the huge data and summarizing the problems and finding the solution for it, that will enhance the experience of the organization in providing the best service to their customers. For data analyzing many programming languages are […]

04 Nov 2015

Why It’s Vital To Have Mobile Friendly Website?

Innovation of smart phones has revolutionized human lifestyles. A small device is enough for the people to carry out their maximum work and it’s easy to handle too. Because of its features smart phones play a significant part of everyone’s life. In this generation, we can’t find a person without a smart phone in their […]

04 Nov 2015

How To Design A Website In Javascript

With the development in technology, the entire world is connected globally and its not a big task to create a website. Many predefined themes are existed on the internet and many open source platforms exist for the developers to make their ideas into action. For creating a website, the first and foremost thing that need […]

04 Nov 2015

How Object Oriented Languages Differ From Procedural Languages

Programming languages are the means to make an idea into an application. Many programming languages are introduced that are enhanced form of another or some created with the unique features to meet the specific needs of the application for an organization. The programming paradigm is different for different language. Based on the requirement of the […]

04 Nov 2015

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing In Branding The Organization

Social Media Marketing is one of the easiest way to hike the level of any organization in the market. Now a day’s there is no person, who don’t have the social media presence. People generally get influenced by the reference of their friends before selecting any services or products. In social media they can find […]

04 Nov 2015

Cloud Computing: What is SaaS and Why SaaS

Cloud computing has become as common as the broadband internet connection. Together with the expansion of portable data, cloud-computing has become more distinctive in comfort and its capabilities. From storage methods to application sharing, cloud-computing has enabled the information buyer and company to apply creativity without geographic location restrictions and without any platform. SaaS (application […]

04 Nov 2015

How To Use Cloudera Impala for Real Time Queries in Hadoop

Apache Impala Review MapReduce (MR) is in extensive production use for quite a few years now, and it indeed has both frenzied fans along with critics. Two of the very popular and valid complaints the experts have is the fact that MapReduce might be both difficult to use (it requires some programming knowledge) which MR […]

04 Nov 2015

Big Data in e-learning: The Future of e-Learning Industry

There are certainly many reasons why big data may, perfectly, revolutionize the eLearning industry. First of all, it will enable eLearning Professionals to modify the e-learning expertise to provide individuals with increased efficient, interesting, and informative eLearning courses and modules. Big data also offers the potential to effect of eLearning by the future: Providing helpful […]

02 Nov 2015

Important Tips For Designing a SEO Friendly Website

Today! In this world where everything is grounded on online search.Many people don’t know the role of Search engine optimization in designing the website.In order to get any services or products people first go through the search of that product in search engines based on that search they will choose the best product or services […]

02 Nov 2015

Essential Tools for Every Android Developer’s Toolkit

Android has revolutionized the technological world. In Smart phone, Android OS is the most common OS we can find in market. In no time it has gained the popularity in the market because of the availability of open source libraries for the end users to develop their own apps.And the Android developer tools that are […]