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Rails is an open source web application framework and a software library that extends the Ruby programming language. It’s generally known as simply Rails or ROR. Ruby is a like other programming languages and it is object oriented language. Rails integrate with various scripts to create web server running application. It is designed to advance web programming and installed with the help of the operating system command line interface. It’s also considered as server side web application development, as it runs on a web server.

How to Learn Ruby on Rails?

To Learn Ruby, first we have to go through Classes and Objects and then to OOPS. It is say in English “Learn the Ruby the hard way”. We designed the course curriculum in the simplest understandable way possible to ensure the student can learn ruby on rails in a faster way.


Course Name Ruby on Rails Online Training
Contents Fundamentals and Programming Techniques of Ruby language on Rails Framework
Duration 30 Hours with Flexible timings
Delivery Instructor Led-Live Online Training
Eligibility Any Graduate
Ideal For Aspiring job seekers in the field of Programming
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Course Objectives

  • Learn the basics of the Ruby language.
  • Configure and install Ruby and Rails.
  • Set up and handle databases with migrations.
  • Create a new Rails application from scratch.
  • Learn about behavior-driven development with Cucumber.
  • Learn how to configure the Rails’ routing.
  • Understand resources and REST, and its application.
  • Understand Rails’ point and how to embrace them.
  • Practice test-driven development with Rspec.
  • Learn how to find and use plugins.


  • Excellent Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming

Course Curriculum


TOPICS: What is Ruby on Rails?, Installing Rails, Overview of Rails Components, Starting the Rails Server, a Simple Rails Application, Static Pages Within a Rails Application, the Structure of a Rails Application, Generating a Controller, Using the Render Method, Adding a Static Page, Rendering the View, Using the Link_To Method, Dynamic Pages with Embedded Ruby


TOPICS: A Basic HTML Form, Working With Form Data, Processing an HTML Form, Form Tag Helpers, Other Form Elements


TOPICS: Review of the MVC Architecture, Databases and Models, Entities and Relationships, Adding a Model, Rails Database Conventions, Creating a Rails View of a Database Table, Database Migrations, The Rails Database Console, Restful Routes and Resources, Scaffolding


TOPICS: Processing Form Helpers, Form Helpers and Form_For, Redirection, From Form to Database, Data Validation, The Presence Validator, The Uniqueness Validator, Validation Helpers, The Length Validator, The Format Validator, Displaying Validation Errors in the View, The Numericality Validator, The Errors Object, Custom Validation Methods,


TOPICS: Styling, Cascading Style Sheets, Rails and SASS


TOPICS: Registering Users, Configuring an Application for Sessions, the Flash Hash, the Register Action, Logging In, Logging Out, Validating the Registration, Protected Pages, Filters


TOPICS: The Business Application, Linking Two Models, Database Terminology, The Database Tables, Adding Tasks, Displaying Employee Tasks, Listing Employees and Tasks, Deleting a Task, Editing a Record, Migrations

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Great Stuff IQ Online Training

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It’s a good experience with IQ Online Training and trainer. Trainer communication and problem solving style is very effective. I really impress from their knowledge. I strongly recommend others to join course on IQ Online Training and enhance your management skills. It’s a great, cool Delight full stuff Beauty is we get here practical knowledge and examples which really helpful to improve or enhance my management skills and in-depth and conceptual knowledge. Instructors are having really well knowledge and they are willing to share their knowledge with the students. Does not matter, how many times you ask them to teach the same topic, they will do it willfully. You can attend multiple sessions of same/different instructors and download the videos. If you join IQ Online Training with some LVC Pass, you get many important courses within 21K.

Value for Money & Time

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There is no doubt that IQ ONLINE TRAINING is best training provider. I found my training session very comfortable and enjoyable due to following key reasons. 1) They are very punctual about session timing 2) Excellent trainers with in-depth subject knowledge 3) Very interactive platform where you can interact live with all and/or any other participants 4) Very simplified and detailed content of all presentation 5) Simplified language to better understand the fundamental of the subjects 6) Option to attend as many as batches you want 7) Provides session video recording which helps in referring the same content in future for brush up or preparation of final exam. 8) Many more reason to choose IQ ONLINE TRAINING I will all the very best to all learners. Best regards, Prasann Bavania

Excellent course content

4 5 1
I took the Certified Android App Development Course. The course provided great content which enabled me to understand android app building. The online classroom session was great too. They also provide excellent service and act on any query as soon as possible. I recommend you to take a course from IQ Online Trainings too and enjoy the experience.

I cleared my Course ....thank you mentors at IQ ONLINE TRAININGS

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It was a wonderful learning experience....and was just like a class room training...

Excellent concept

5 5 1
I am always exploring new learning content and enroll too few trainings as well as and when I need full-fledged training. Content: Good...can be better as sometimes it’s more or less same reading from ppt...Some scenario based examples will be great IQ ONLINE TRAININGS Accessibility: Superb! Infect I don’t think any other learning portal is as good as App is also very user friendly, one can even download videos to see them offline anytime anywhere Cost: to be honest I will be glad if cost can be lesser than it is actually is IQ ONLINE TRAININGS

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