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Rails is an open source web application framework and a software library that extends the Ruby programming language. It’s generally known as simply Rails or ROR. Ruby is a like other programming languages and it is object oriented language. Rails integrate with various scripts to create web server running application. It is designed to advance web programming and installed with the help of the operating system command line interface. It’s also considered as server side web application development, as it runs on a web server.

How to Learn Ruby on Rails?

To Learn Ruby, first we have to go through Classes and Objects and then to OOPS. It is say in English “Learn the Ruby the hard way”. We designed the course curriculum in the simplest understandable way possible to ensure the student can learn ruby on rails in a faster way.


Course Name Ruby on Rails Online Training
Contents Fundamentals and Programming Techniques of Ruby language on Rails Framework
Duration 30 Hours with Flexible timings
Delivery Instructor Led-Live Online Training
Eligibility Any Graduate
Ideal For Aspiring job seekers in the field of Programming
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Course Objectives

  • Learn the basics of the Ruby language.
  • Configure and install Ruby and Rails.
  • Set up and handle databases with migrations.
  • Create a new Rails application from scratch.
  • Learn about behavior-driven development with Cucumber.
  • Learn how to configure the Rails’ routing.
  • Understand resources and REST, and its application.
  • Understand Rails’ point and how to embrace them.
  • Practice test-driven development with Rspec.
  • Learn how to find and use plugins.


  • Excellent Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming

Course Curriculum


TOPICS: What is Ruby on Rails?, Installing Rails, Overview of Rails Components, Starting the Rails Server, a Simple Rails Application, Static Pages Within a Rails Application, the Structure of a Rails Application, Generating a Controller, Using the Render Method, Adding a Static Page, Rendering the View, Using the Link_To Method, Dynamic Pages with Embedded Ruby


TOPICS: A Basic HTML Form, Working With Form Data, Processing an HTML Form, Form Tag Helpers, Other Form Elements


TOPICS: Review of the MVC Architecture, Databases and Models, Entities and Relationships, Adding a Model, Rails Database Conventions, Creating a Rails View of a Database Table, Database Migrations, The Rails Database Console, Restful Routes and Resources, Scaffolding


TOPICS: Processing Form Helpers, Form Helpers and Form_For, Redirection, From Form to Database, Data Validation, The Presence Validator, The Uniqueness Validator, Validation Helpers, The Length Validator, The Format Validator, Displaying Validation Errors in the View, The Numericality Validator, The Errors Object, Custom Validation Methods,


TOPICS: Styling, Cascading Style Sheets, Rails and SASS


TOPICS: Registering Users, Configuring an Application for Sessions, the Flash Hash, the Register Action, Logging In, Logging Out, Validating the Registration, Protected Pages, Filters


TOPICS: The Business Application, Linking Two Models, Database Terminology, The Database Tables, Adding Tasks, Displaying Employee Tasks, Listing Employees and Tasks, Deleting a Task, Editing a Record, Migrations

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Great learning environment

5 5 1
Learning Oracle Cloud from IQ made my project easy and flexible. Support team was very responsive.

Great convenience

5 5 1
Did this course. It was of great convenience, as I could pace the progress the way i wanted. Very simple, easy to use interface, easy availability of online help.

Excellent Support and Very good study materials

5 5 1
I am a conscientious reviewer, especially in case of any training. IQ Online Training is a great organization for people like us who always try to build their knowledge with this technologies. The study materials are awesome and the course is well organized. The support stuffs are very helpful. Especially I would like to thanks Rani for her help. I pursued this course from IQ Online Training and would like to do others courses too from this organization

Effective Online Training

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IQ Online Training! Is efficiently able to provide effective Online Training. All the required material for learning is kept online in the Learning Management System (LMS) along with the recordings of class so that we can refer back any part of the class. Also, IQ Online Training! 24x7 support is very helping and prompt in its service. Thanks IQ Online Training! for providing great and effective way of learning.

PRINCE2 course

5 5 1
I took the PRINCE2 practitioner online class course. I was very satisfied with the material and the content itself. The trainer was a very kind and highly experienced expert not only in PRINCE2 terminology and topics, but also in other well-known methods. So the trainer had a very deep knowledge level from which she could always explain best with practical background. There were sometimes little interruptions with the online classroom platform, but at the end of the day, it was always enough time, to catch up with questions, detailed explanations and so on. I really enjoyed the co-studying with others, though it was a tight timeline for me, to go through the material and always be prepared for the batch, as it was conducted. For all, who look for a course that is affordable and lead to a recognized certification I can absolutely recommend IQ Online Trainings offer. Decide for yourself, if you need or want to be in a physical class with a trainer right in front of you. For me, it was a great alternative in time and money, given that I had to finance it by myself and do it in my free time, without support of my employer.

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