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Python is an object oriented, interpreted, high level programming language with dynamic semantic rules. Its high level built-in data structures, integration of dynamic binding with dynamic typing makes it really desirable for Rapid Application Development, in addition to this it can be used as a scripting language to associate existing components together.

Python Learning is so simple that the first time programming language learners can go for this. Its simple syntaxes and easy understandability makes the python training simple and efficient. Python also supports packages and modules, which emboldens system modularity and code reusability.

Why to take Python Online Course?

Python Course is a simple programming language now a days using by the data scientists (As python is presumed as best programming language for data science) to write codes in dealing with huge unstructured data for analysis. Learn Python Programming and it is promising enough to sustain with the future IT developments taking Python Online Training is better for career growth and sustainability.


Course Name Python Online Training
Contents Basics of Python, Types, operators, functions, Classes , OOP, exceptions
Duration 30 Hours with Flexible timings
Delivery Instructor Led-Live Online Training
Eligibility Any Graduate
Ideal For Freshers, aspirants seeking to learn the Python Language
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Course Objectives

  • Fundamental concepts of the Python programming language
  • Know the uses of modules, formats and subroutines
  • Fast creation of reusable, effective Python scripts
  • Organize code with classes, OO features, functions and modules
  • Design platform-independent , dynamic GUIs
  • Create and arrange data driven web applications


  • Familiarity of any computer programming language.

Course Curriculum


TOPICS: Python Overview, How to run Python programs


TOPICS:  Python Object Types, Numeric Types, Dynamic Typing Interlude, Lists and Dictionaries , Strings, Tuples, Files etc,.


TOPICS: Python Statements, Assignments, Expressions, if statements and Syntax, while and for Loops, The Documentation Interlude


TOPICS: Function Basics, Scope of a Function, Function Arguments, Advance Function Topics


TOPICS: Modules   Overview, Basics of Module Coding, Module Package, Advance Module Topics


TOPICS: OOP Overview, Class Coding Basics, real time examples, Class Coding Details, Designing with Classes, Operator Overloading, Advanced Class concepts


TOPICS: Exception Basics, Exception Coding concepts, Exception Objects, Coding with Exceptions

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Customer Care

4 5 1
Amazing and very quick support ! Much appreciate Thank you IQ Online Trainings

Professional electronic learning at its best

5 5 1
Super professional training with big impact I got course due to their catalog of courses in no time. It was my first trial of electronic trading on a subject that I was good at, project management. And I felt relaxed to get the electronic training. Not only that, IQ Online Training provided class training in my country Saudi Arabia, too. Which was a surprise to have this capability to associate electronic and class training. But thy do that seamlessly Thanks IQ Online Training and its staff including the team of support(Rani especially) they have been wonderful

Best in content and support ! Nice to have it !

5 5 1
I had joined IQ ONLINE TRAININGS to do a course on BIG DATA, It was amazing, quite perceptible and easy to learn. I subscribed the whole BIG DATA bundle which contained various courses, like R, SAS, MongoDB, Hadoop and etc. It was nice to have a platform like this to keep studying. I am grateful to their customer support, especially Rani, helping me extending my course period, so that I could not miss the course. Thumbs up for their courses and support.

Simple & effective

4 5 1
I had enrolled for my course with IQ ONLINE TRAININGS and found it to be simple and effective. There were exercises at the end of each session to review your learning and importantly it allows you to come up a learning plan. Also we get regular email notifications about the progress. Though I have not yet taken the actual certification I believe this course will help me towards that. My only suggestion would be make the exercises and the mock exam more difficult.

A great platform for enhance your skills

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Had a wonderful experience with IQ Online Training and Trainer. Trainer has very good Industry experience, has excellent communication and problem solving skills. Impressed from his knowledge and explaining the course content with real-time Industry examples. IQ Online Training is a perfect platform to enhance your skills. Audio and Video sessions are very well designed. I haven't seen single instance where Audio and Video sessions were dropped, if you have good Internet connectivity. I strongly recommend others to join course on IQ Online Training and enhance your skills.

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