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11 Apr 2017

Learn Software Testing Online from our Experts and get Real-Time Guidance:

                      Software Testing:

Software Testing is a process of Executing the Application or Programmer with the intent of finding the Software Bugs.

Software Testing is to provide the information for the Stakeholders about the Quality of the Product or Service under test.  It also provides objective, an independent view of the Software to allow the business to understand and appreciate the risks of Software implementations.

The Test techniques include process of Executing a Program or Application with the intent to finding the software bugs (errors or defects), and to verify that Software Product is fit for use.

Software Testing involves Execution of a System Component or Software component to Evaluate one or more properties of the interest. In general, those properties used to indicate the extent on which the component or system is under test:


  • It meets the requirements that guided its Design and Development,
  • Responds correctly for all kinds of Inputs,
  • Performs the functions within its acceptable time.
  • It is sufficiently usable.
  • Can be installed and run in its Intended
  • Achieves the general result for its Stakeholders desire.
  • As number of possible test for simple Software Components is practically infinite.
  • All the Software testing uses some strategy to select the tests that are Feasible for the available Time and Resources.


Software Testing tools can also be defined as the process of Verifying and Validating the Software Program or Product or Application which Meets the Business and Technical requirement that guided it’s Development and Design and work as Expected and can be Implemented with its same characteristics.

Dynamic Testing: In Dynamic Testing the Software Code is used to execute and demonstrate the result of running test. It is done during the Validation Process.

Static Testing: Static Testing is used to find the defects without Executing code. It is also done during verification process. The testing includes Reviewing of the documents (including Source code) and Static Analysis. Which is useful for cost effective way of testing?

Planning: It controls the Test Activities, report on Testing Progress and the status of Software under Test.

Evaluation:  During evaluation need to check the result and then evaluate Software under the  Test and the Completion Criteria, which helps to decide whether it finished Testing and whether the Software Product has passed all the tests.

Software products and related work products:  Along with testing of code, Testing of Design and Requirement Specifications and also other related documents like Operation, User and Training material equally important.

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