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Android is mobile platform. Android is supported the Linux operating system. Unlike iPhone, android market is open to open market to develop applications. iPhone apps. run on iPhone/iPad but android applications will run most of the Phones world-wide making it the fastest growing mobile operating system in the world.  There are just about limitless opportunities in package development for the platform. The Android training helps in using its API, the Software Development Kit (SDK), and the tools to unlock your potential as an Android developer.

Course Objectives

As results of taking this Android training, you will be ready to :

  • Describe the platforms upon that the Android package can run.
  • Create a straightforward application that runs underneath the Android package.
  • Read and write files to Android file system..
  • Create an application that uses transmission underneath the Android Operating System..
  • Access and work with databases underneath the Android Operating System.

Course Curriculum

  1. Basic Core Java Concepts
  2. Introduction to Android
  3. Overview of Android and Android SDK
    • History of Android
    • Android features
  4. Android Architecture overview
  5. Introduction to OS layers
  6. Linux kernel
  7. Libraries
  8. Android Runtime
  9. Application framework
  10. Setup of Android Development environment
  11. System requirements
  12. Eclipse and SDK installation, AVD creation
  13. Creating first Android application
  14. Project Structure
  15. Android Application Fundamentals
  16. Android application building blocks
  17. Activating components
  18. Shutting down components
  19. LifeCycle of Application
  20. Development tools, Manifest File
  21. LifeCycle of Activity
  22. User Interface
  23. View Hierarchy and Layouts
  24. UI Events
  25. Building Menus
  26. Notifying users
  27. Creating dialogs
  28. Graphics & Animations
  29. Main Building Blocks
  30. Activity
  31. Intents
  32. Services
  33. Content Providers
  34. Broadcast Receivers
  35. Resources
  36. Overview of Android Resources
  37. Creating Resources
  38. Using Resources
  39. Drawable Resources
  40. Animation Resources
  41. Data Storage
  42. Shared Preferences
  43. Internal Storage (Files)
  44. External Storage(SD Card)
  45. SQLite Databases
  46. Android Media API
  47. Playing audio/video
  48. Media recording
  49. Blue tooth
  50. WiFi
  51. Camera
  52. Telephony Manager
  53. Location Services
  54. Google Maps
  55. Deploying Android Application on Device

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