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Android is real-time responding operating based on the Linux kernel. Its real-time input from the user and provide prompt response to the user query. It’s an emerging Operating system in the mobile technology. It helps the developer develop their own application and to make their insight into an application. It provides easy access to the end users by just tapping, swiping and pinching. It is mainly employed in mobile, tablets and handheld devices.

IQ Online Training’s Android course is one of the best courses that we offer across the globe. To Learn Android development you should have basic knowledge of core java to write the programming code, for this we provide essentials of java programming making easier to learn android programming. We provide lots of projects for practice that way you can substantiate your knowledge to become an ace developer and explore new opportunities in the IT world.

In this Mobile App Development, you would learn how to install android studio, its architecture and also how you can integrate with other apps by optimizing the user experience.


Course Name Android Online Training
Contents Fundamentals and Concepts of Android
Duration 30 Hours with Flexible timings
Delivery Instructor Led-Live Online Training
Eligibility Any Graduate
Ideal For Aspiring job seekers in the field of Programming
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Course Objectives

  • Capability to use different tools and plugins to debug.
  • Maintain Android applications.
  • Skills to design and create an Android application from the beginning.
  • Using external resources, manifesting adapters and file intents.
  • Learning various tools and techniques such as preferences, databases and content providers.
  • Understanding the different elements used in the android application and learning its entire life cycle.
  • Using background processing techniques available in Android.


  • Working Experience with Java Programming Language, Basic Knowledge of Different OS

Course Curriculum


TOPICS: Oops Concepts, Exception Handling, Inheritance in Detail, JVM & .Jar File Extension, Packages & Interfaces, Multi-Threading


TOPICS: SQLite Openhelper and Creating a Database, Introducing SQLite, Working with Cursors, Opening and Closing a Database, Inserts, Deletes, and Updates


TOPICS: What is Android?, Configuring Development Environment, Fundamentals, Android API Levels, Dalvik Virtual Machine & .Apk File Extension


TOPICS: Uses-Permission & Uses-SDK, Android manifest.XML, Resources & R.Java, Layouts & Drawable Resources, Assets, First Sample Application, Activities and Activity Life Cycle


TOPICS: Launching Emulator, Logcat Usage, Emulator Shortcuts, Editing Emulator Settings, Second App, Introduction to DDMS


TOPICS: Text Fields, Form Widgets, Layouts, Examples


TOPICS: Preferences From XML, Shared Preferences, Examples


TOPICS: OptionMenu, Context Menu, Menu Via Code, Menu From XML, Sub Menu, Examples


TOPICS: Implicit Intents, Explicit Intents, Examples


TOPICS: Time and Date, Composite, Images and Media, Popup, Alert dialogs & Toast, Tabs and Tab Activity, Examples

Module 11: Styles & Themes

TOPICS: Drawable Resources for Shapes, Gradients, Styles.XML, Applying Themes Via Code and Manifest File, Style Attribute in Layout File, Examples

Module 12: Content Providers

TOPICS: SQLite database, Sqliteopenhelper, Sqlite Programming, Reading Bookmarks, Cursor, Reading And Updating Contacts, Example

Module 13: Linkify

TOPICS: Match filter & Transform filter, Phone Numbers, Map Address, Text, Email Address, Web Url’s, Examples, Android Debug Bridging Tool

Module 14: Adapters And Widgets

TOPICS: Adapters, Array Adapters, Base Adapters, Custom List View, Listview and List activity, Gallery Using Adapters, Gridview Using Adapters, Examples

Module 15: Notifications

TOPICS: Services and Notifications, Broadcast Receivers, Alarms, Toast, Examples

Module 16: Custom Components

TOPICS: Custom Animated Popup Panels, Custom Tabs, Other Components

Module 17: Threads

TOPICS: Threads Running on UI Thread, Handlers & Runnable, Worker Thread, Asyntask, Examples

Module 18: Advanced

TOPICS: Live Folders, JSON Parsing, Using SD cards, XML Parsing, Accessing Phone Services, Location Based Services, GPS, Maps, Sensors, Network Connectivity Services

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Session was Very Informative

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The session was very informative. The instructor is highly knowledgeable. His explanation can reach to all who are highly experienced people in their respective domains.Good Session and basic concepts were was very clear.

Class was Awesome

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The class was awesome, got to learn so much from the lectures. An awesome learning experience from the highly skilled trainers. It was a great class today understood all concepts with practical examples.

amazing content and support

5 5 1
Big fan of IQ ONLINE TRAININGS. Have already bought 5 courses . Content is easily structured and well explained for beginners. Customer support is fantastic on IQ ONLINE TRAININGS my 3 courses were about to expire as I was running behind schedule. I got in touch with the support team. And support understood my situation and gave me a free course extension so that I could complete them. Thanks IQ ONLINE TRAININGS. Your courses are great!!

Excellent course

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I must say the course content and the way it is designed is great

Extremely Hard Working

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IQ Online Training has been an unique and fulfilling experience. The course contents are up-to-date and the instructors are industry trained and extremely hard working. The support is always willing to help you out in various ways as promptly as possible. IQ Online Training redefines the way online training is conducted by making it as futuristic as possible, with utmost care and minute detailing, packaged into the a unique virtual classroom. Thank you IQ Online Training!

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