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Welcome to IQ Training

IQ Technologies is leading provider of online training courses in all IT technology platforms. IQ has been in IT industry for over 10 years providing online training, class-room training, job support, consulting and corporate training etc. Training is our forte and we put 100% effort in providing quality training courses at affordable prices.

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MySQL – Basic Commands To Know

MySQL is a simple SQL shell (with GNU read line capabilities). It supports interactive and non interactive use. When used

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Why CCNA Certification and Courses Are Significant in the Today’s IT Industry

As the global economic recession keeps unemployment rates stubbornly high, many people are going back to school to learn n

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Important benefits of learning Tableau (a BI tool for interactive visualization)

Tableau enables businesses to make decisions using the data visualization features available to business users of any back

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Overview of NoSQL in BigData

Introduction: In this digital world, data is growing very fast and has become more complex in terms of volume, variety, v

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Awesome jQuery Features You Need to Check Out

jQuery Introduction jQuery is created by John Resig, it is a powerful JavaScript library that can rock and enhance your

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How to Connect to a MySQL RDBMS from Java with JDBC

The standard way of working against a relational database from Java is by using the JDBC API. (the Java Database Connec

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How to launch Weblogic in Debug Mode

Sometimes we need to launch Weblogic in debug mode to be able to connect other ide`s like Eclipse with Weblogic in remote

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Basic Concepts of ADO.NET in VB

In this post, we will discuss the basic VB Concepts, Creating a new connection Right what you need to do is first cr

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SharePoint Implementation Best Practices

SharePoint Best Practices for Developing Web Parts.  Start with a well named VS.NET library, e.g. companyProject.cont

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How to Pass XML Message Embedded In another XML

While developing Web Services it is necessary to send an XML message embedded in a SOAP envelope. XML messaging specificat

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